If your are serious about winning new business…

Meet Jeff from Vision Personal Training. He cycles on a busy road with a red wig seven hours a week and attracts two new clients a month for his efforts. This is what it takes to win new business.

It really makes me question if our company does enough to attract new business. If motivated, enthusiastic people are willing to throw modesty aside and endure car exhaust fumes and the occasional beer bottle thrown at them, what are we willing to do to grow OUR business?

Jeff starts work at 5.00am and rarely leaves before 7pm six days a week. Imagine what we could achieve if we worked those hours and implemented high profile marketing strategies at the same time!

Not only has Jeff helped me get fitter and stronger, I am much more productive and happier. For years people told me if you get fit you will feel better and perform better at work. Well it is true. It makes such a difference especially when you spend so many hours at a computer or in meetings.

Thanks Jeff – not only have you helped me be a better business person, you have inspired me to utilize marketing strategies that really help GreenBizCheck to stand out and make a difference to companies that want to save money, attract new business and protect our valuable natural resources.

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