Is Green Business The Next Mega Trend?

Let’s face it, besides the release of the next Iphone there is nothing very exciting on the business horizon. Last week I attended the Australian Chambers Conference where all the Chambers Of Commerce and their members got together to discuss business and trends. The speaker line-up was excellent with stand out performances from the Americans – Harvard Professor Michael Porter, Blink author Malcolm Gladwell and everyone’s favorite – Apple co-founder and engineer, Steve Wozniak (pictured below).

Nearly every speaker at the conference mentioned the importance of sustainable business practices and how environmental leadership how the business should take action and not wait for government to regulate or subsidize. Numerous presenters talked not only about our responsibility to protect our planet’s natural resources, they emphasized the commercial benefits of green business – cost savings and new revenue opportunities.

Professor Michael Porter said pollution and business waste is a sign of inefficiency and an opportunity to improve profit and performance. The financial and social benefit of taking environmental action now outweighs the cost.

Moreover, General Electric’s CEO said GE has invested US$5 billion in clean technology research and development and generated US$70 billion in revenues in its first five years of operation. Surely this level of investment could heard a new megatrend – a much needed boost to economically stale world markets.

Meanwhile, GreenBizCheck continues to grow with franchise owners in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. It is heartening that nearly 90% of clients are re-certifying for a second year which tells us the price we charge offers value and most importantly saves companies money, helps them attract new business and most importantly gives them a credible certification to stand out in an increasingly eco-aware marketplace.

Please watch our latest short video on green business benefits:

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