The Meaning Of Life – its FREE

Please STOP and take a moment to read what I hope is my most profound blog entry ever.

It will only take a minute but could really change the way you look at life and success.

It came to me very early this morning at 430am with the birds chirping and the sun well into the sky. Our Government thinks it is funny not to introduce day light savings.

I always thought that The Meaning Of Life was…there is NO meaning of life – we live, we die and we need to make the most of every precious minute we have.

The team at GreenBizCheck is constantly thinking of new ways to better support our franchise owners and team members and help them grow their business quickly. Every day we send tips, articles, ideas and potential new business opportunities. We communicate regularly, we regularly offer feedback and encouragement. We do everything possible to assist.

The critical success factor in our business is meeting people and presenting our world-leading online environmental certification tool. The system is high-impact, low cost and guaranteed to help companies to save money and rapidly establish meaningful environmental credentials.

Once we are in front of business business decision makers, the product sells itself and the conversion of presentations to clients is only a matter of time.

Back to The Meaning of Life.

You will agree that knowledge is power. However, without applying that knowledge, the knowledge is useless.

So I go to the world’s largest source of knowledge and type in “How to get meetings with decision makers” I am talking about Google Of course.

Google indexes billions of web pages and is by far the largest library in the world, hosted on 450,000 servers. Hopefully they are eco-friendly servers.

Every possible great idea on how to professionally obtain meetings appears in the Google search results.

I was amazed. If ever our team members are stuck and need to generate more clients – just go to Google and type in the problem – its all there. How to get meetings, close sales, organise presentations, build relationships – nearly every possible idea has been posted on the internet.

Just try it – how to save thousands of dollars by making your own tooth whitening paste for only a few dollars or, how to make your own organic insect repellent, how to find hubcaps for your 1985 $2000 BMW…It will change your life. Google could have the answer to The Meaning Of Life if you follow my logic that all the answers for a happy, fulfilled and successful life are readily available on the internet – for FREE.

One of my all time favourite expressions came from an old mate who owned an advertising agency in Sydney –

We Know What To Do, But We Must DO What We Know.

Google will give you any answer you need to achieve happiness and success.

Only YOU can DO something with that knowledge.

Hope this helps you – please humour me with at least one line of feedback or comment.

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