4.9 kg down in 30 days – simple weight loss

Imagine feeling fitter, leaner, stronger and happier with boundless energy to power through the day and sleep well at night.

After trying many diets and fasting regimes I finally found a program that works long term – I lost 4.9kg in four weeks despite a heavy travel schedule and reduced my chest, waist and abdominal measurements significantly.

Here is a simple and sustainable weight loss and easy exercise program that will help overweight men or women lose approximately 5kg if you stay true to the formula for only 30 days. Pick a month and just go for it. No excuses. You know that your health is the most important aspect of life for happiness, relationships and work performance.
Remember around 90% of weight loss is about what you eat and drink. One month in a whole lifetime is such a small commitment to live a longer, healthier life.

As a 51-year old I have effectively reduced my biological age from an overweight 56- year old to a 51-year old equivalent with some more work to do! I now feel stronger and happier with my body for the first time in 15 years.
Men and women of all shapes and sizes looking to reduce excess weight and live a happier and healthier life can achieve the same after only one month of solid focus. NO cheating.


How to eat

Breakfast: any of the below
Wait 12 hours after dinner
Lunch: – any of the below
Dinner: Eat before 7pm -keep it light

What to eat

Salads with lean protein/meats
Vegetables (carbs below 10g/100g)
Lean Meats
Low sugar fruit
Protein shakes with veg/low sugar fruit
Natural nuts, seeds


Protein bars, shakes
Nuts, seeds
Celery, carrot sticks with low fat spreads
Greek yogurt and low sugar fruit

What to drink:

Lots of water, mineral water and lime/lemon
Weak coffee, tea black or green, minimal milk

Only 5 things NOT to eat/drink

No alcohol
No sugar or foods/drinks high in sugar content
No bread, pasta rice
No high carb vegetables eg potato, chick peas
No fried food with batter


30 minutes of fast movement after waking
Best – cycling, walking, swimming, other exercises or sports that make you puff
1-2 30-minute weight bearing sessions a week to build muscle

Sleep & Relaxation

7-8 hours sleep, go to bed early wake up early
30-minute rest in afternoon
Meditation, yoga or breathing exercises daily

To super charge results:

Do NOT cheat on eating/drinking for one month
60 minutes of cardio exercise 5 days a week
Do 2 weights sessions a week – Big 3 weight-bearing exercises at home – squats, push-ups, dips and get Vision personal trainer to keep you on track and push you a bit harder.

Continue with this healthy eating regime after one month and enjoy the extra benefits of your body slowly losing excess weight and gaining strength you may not have experienced since your teens.

Any cheats after one month – make up for it with two days of ultra clean eating, drinking and exercise.

VIP – Please ensure you check with your doctor before embarking on any weight-loss or fitness regime.

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