Swine Flu 2009 – A Monumental Over-reaction?

After cynically sounding off about the world’s gross over-reaction to Swine Flu (nothing to do with pigs), I was ironically infected by some house guests last weekend. Thanks to the snotty six year old who let it slip the whole family had been infected. The timing could not have been better as I had an intensive three day business trip booked to Canberra and Sydney with some of the most important meetings GreenBizCheck has yet been invited to. Lucky there was not one of those ridiculous cameras at the airport which reportedly can tell if a passenger has a fever. The swine flu does not necessarily result in a fever, so airports around the world have wasted millions of dollars on equipment for a flu that may end up the mildest on record!

Although I did feel terrible for three days, it was actually far milder than last year’s strain which knocked me about for nearly ten days. Luckily I was not quarantined with a mask like early sufferers or treated like a plague victim and confined to my home. Also ironic, is that earlier this year I had my first ever flu vaccination, mainly because we were herded on a cruise ship with thousands of others. Did the vaccination do anything? Of course not – it only allegedly protects against the previous year’s strain at best.

So, can anyone please tell me why:

1. The Australian Government needs 21 million doses of swine flu vac when the flu season is nearly over?
2. Even the Government admits it is a mild flu so why worry at all?
3. Won’t a new strain be out next year anyhow?
4. It is called swine flu but nothing to do with pigs!!!!

This is 2009’s most ridiculous over-reaction.

Just in from China (a little late I think) :

China races to prepare swine flu vaccinations

By Robert Saiget (AFP) – 1 day ago

BEIJING — China is scrambling to put a swine flu vaccination plan in place, with the number of cases more than tripling in just a few weeks and tens of millions of infections feared as flu season sets in.

The country is at the forefront of international efforts to produce an A(H1N1) influenza vaccine, with at least five companies already receiving government approval, but officials have warned demand will exceed supply.

In mid-August, China had recorded 3,103 cases. As of Wednesday, the number had jumped to 10,221, according to the health ministry.

No deaths have yet been reported. (Just to clarify – not ONE death)

The seasonal flu kills over 250,000 people each year. It is only this year we are worried about it because there is not much other news for the media to stir up hysteria.

Please tell me I am not the only one who thinks this is 2009’s most stupid media-driven craziness?

Update Feb 2010 – six months on and of course it was all panic, fear and media-hype. When will learn not to be so fearful and gullible? The whole panic cost millions of dollars and so much angst. Ironically I caught the swine flu and was mildly sick for four days (losing my voice was inconvenient) but as you can see I am still hear to blog about it.

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