Why We Need To Double Our Sales Efforts

salesperson2At GreenBizCheck (Green Business Certification) we often talk about how hard we professionally market our green business certification and yet how long the return on our efforts takes. Our service is low cost, topical, online, simple to purchase, saves thousands of dollars, has many marketing benefits and saves the planet – yet it takes a long time for prospects to sign up and green their business.

Why does it take so long? What is wrong with our product, our pricing, our website? The answer is – absolutely nothing.

After many discussions, we have determined that the issue is our prospects have so many other things to deal with in their business, that we are only one of literally hundreds of decisions they need to make each week. While our product sales are of extremely high priority to us, they are one of many priorities our prospects need to take action on. Furthermore, business leaders are literally bombarded with sales messages, emails, blog feeds, spam, special offers, phone calls and meetings which can take up half the day. Combine this with sick days, public holidays, annual leave and there really is not much time to make a decision on our particular product even if it contributes to saving the planet. No wonder it is hard to get through to decision makers these days. It is not that most people do not want to do the right thing and protect our natural resources by greening their business with our environmental certification program, it is the modern age of information saturation that prevents them from acting as fast as they would like. In many cases they actually become paralyzed from the sheer weight of electronic communication that they do absolutely nothing.

Consequently, our marketing messages must cut through the clutter and shout louder. There is no room for subtlety in such a crowded and competitive market place. Many companies have eased off on marketing efforts to save money, but really we need to do the opposite – double the frequency of our sales communications in a wide variety of advertising mediums and loudly proclaim a credible and compelling call to action. We need to politely follow up on a regular basis as our prospects are very busy and often just need a gentle reminder to sign up. Time to practice what I preach. Back to the real work of talking to customers, and stop wasting time online!

Update 20 July 2010 – just when I thought nobody read my blog, a very nice chap named Brett asked me to clarify if sales are still slow. This is what happens if you don’t keep your blog current. New clients are in fact now growing rapidly as GreenBizCheck has embraced franchising which provides a quality delivery system and an opportunity for our people to run their own salable business. We need more people to get in front of business decision makers to show them how effective and simple it is to certify their office or retail outlet. Most of us dream of being our own boss, spending more time with the family and taking time off when we want, not when some low paying corporation allows us to. A GreenBizCheck franchise offers all this at a relatively low cost and fast return on investment plus the opportunity to work in a field which is actually doing something very good – helping businesses go green in a very practical and cost efficient manner. GreenBizCheck certification is the first of its kind, low cost, high impact and comes with a full money back guarantee that companies will save the cost of certification in the first year. There is no risk and no excuse now for companies not to take action and implement the basics – reduce energy, water and waste and stand out as an environmentally responsible corporate citizen.

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