Blog For Your Health

Blogging is good for your health – your mental health that is. Many of you keep your body in shape with vigorous workouts, running or playing sport. Some of us take the dog for a fast walk every morning and hope that is enough. But what do we do for our mental health? Absolutely nothing. We rush to the doctor when our body plays up, but what about if our minds play up. I just read that by far, depression was the number one health issue for business owners. I can certainly understand why. We work so hard and constantly face pressures and demands from clients, suppliers, staff and financiers. In addition we need to give our families the attention they deserve and somehow fit in some rest and recovery time which is often impossible. In addition, we constantly strive to meet our own unrelenting high standards which push us to work long hours with little or no social or mental rest time. Often it all seems over-whelming and it is only the goal at the end that keeps us going.

One of the best forms of mental exercise is cognitive writing – which just means writing things down to get them out of your head and clear some much needed space. This is why blogging is so good. Get all your frustrations out, tell the world what you think and feel so much lighter knowing that you are not dwelling on major issues that can magically dissapear in a similar way to therapy with a psychologist. In simple terms, just talking about a problem makes it seem less burdonsom.

Blogging also works as it puts you in touch with the global community – connectivity is very important to human survival, especially for those who are working so hard and have little time for social interaction. A welcome call from my good school friend Rory, prompted me to write about this. He miraculously found my well hidden blog and called me up for a good laugh. We humorously recounted all the things that were wrong with the world – builders taking twice as long and charging twice as much for renovations, airline service, call centers in India, people who smoke and talk on their phones while driving and many more… Rory – you must get a blog, it is free and good for your health. I hadn’t had such a good laugh for weeks. It made my day as I am so consumed by globalizing GreenBIzCheck that I had forgotten to laugh. In the early days of civilization, tribes would hunt together, eat together and sit around the fire conversing for hours on end. Their only real stress was where the next meal was coming from. We have so many more demands in our complex, highly evolved lives that mental fitness is more important than ever.

So, what are you waiting for, get blogging now and leave your ideas as a permanent and helpful legacy to the fast moving world around you.

Go to or to get a free blog and tell me your best lessons in life!

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