Indian Call Centers

It really agitates me when I call a local company with a problem, I enter ten menu options and I finally end up talking to a lippy call center operator in India. How stupid do companies think we are? We all know they outsource customer service to India because it is cheaper! Great for the company’s bottom line, or is it?
I can’t tell you how many times my blood pressure has dramatically spiked from arguments from rude call centre operatives who have limited product knowledge and absolute know authority to fix my problem. I bet you have many stories as well.

Finally, I have a positive story to report. A very nice chap in Mumbai working for Mobile carrier 3, quickly fixed my problem, issued a credit and made my day.

It is not hard is it? Do companies realize how easy it is to lose customers they spent so much time and money acquiring? Do they realize how many other people disgruntled customers complain to?

If there is one secret to a successful business, it is fast and friendly customer service that lives and breathes the old adage that the customer is always right. Regardless. No questions asked!

Thanks to the lovely chap in Mumbai, you made my day.

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