Air Con – The Other Side Of The Climate Change Debate

On my way out of Auckland airport I spotted New Zealand investigative journalist, Ian Wishart’s new book Air Con – The Seriously Inconvenient Truth About Global Warming.

Wishart has a practical, hard-hitting writing style, that is easy to read and quite convincing. Our work at GreenBizCheck demands that we read copious amounts of literature on Climate Change and until now, I haven’t read anything that even remotely sways my views toward the climate skeptics’ camp.

Some of Wishart’s strongest argumentsPolar Bear against Climate Change are:

1. Last decade was not in fact the hottest on record, it was much hotter in the Medieval Warming Period which was convenient left out of the IPCC’s chart of the past 650,000 years
Most of our temperature measurement equipment is old, unreliable and situated in hot concrete urban areas – of course the readings are higher!
2. When the dinosaurs happily roamed for thousands of years, the average global temperature was a massive 10 degrees higher than it is today, so why will the IPCC’s predicted rise of 6 degrees this century wipe our the human race?
3. The predicted rise of CO2 to 850parts per million will have little effect as the planet was teaming with life millions of years ago when CO2 concentrations were at 7,000 ppm – this refutes the argument that CO2 emissions and temperature are linked
4. Temperature rises are more likely caused by solar activity or ever changing El Nino or El Nina weather patterns – not increases in CO2
5. Man-made contributions to total CO2 are only 1.2% – nature produces the rest – a whopping 98.8%
Climate Change is a natural phenomenon and nothing to do with carbon dioxide emissions
6. Data ignored by the IPCC shows that the only possible industrialisation caused rise in average temperatures since 1850 is only 0.01 degrees Celsius
7. Polar Bears are not dying because of Global Warming, they were dying from man hunting them. Now numbers have grown from around 5,000 in the Arctic when they were heavily hunted in the 70’s to 25,000 today! The iconic photo of a polar bear on an iceberg has nothing to do with Global Warming – he can easily swim ashore and join 24,999 of his colleagues
8. The oceans are indeed rising – actually only 0.2cm this century – the natural rising and falling of tectonic plates under the sea bed have a much bigger effect on sea levels than temperature which only effects the ocean surface
9. Al Gore offsets his carbon emissions via a company he is a shareholder in – better than not offsetting I guess
10. How can meteorologists predict our weather at the end of this century when they constantly get the four day forecast appallingly wrong!
11. Contrary to media articles, the North West Passage in the Arctic Circle did not open for the first time in 2008, it has opened up three times this century – and way before any CO2 emissions could have caused the melting. It is nice and iced over right now and will hopefully keep the greedy shipping companies and miners out!
12. While sea ice has thinned at the North Pole, ice thickness at the South Pole has more than compensated for it – the earth is self balancing.
13. Global Warming supporters can’t have it both ways – it cannot cause both extremes of hot and cold weather. We have experienced some record highs (recorded in high heat urban areas) but also many record lows which have contributed to Global Cooling this decade – not warming.

Wishart’s passionate list goes on, but read it yourself and then see what you think. My only disclaimer is that in his previous book, Eve’s Bite, he has an uncontrollable against atheists, evolution and homosexuals. If you read this book first you probably would not buy into a word he had written in Air Con. Nevertheless, good on him for courageously sticking his neck out on Global Warming – a topic most of us were convinced was fact! If he is correct and the Climate Change lobby is full of self-interested parties scaring the public and lining their pockets then millions of dollars will be wasted on useless carbon trading schemes and meaningless regulations. Nevertheless, even Wishart admits that good environmental citizenship is of utmost importance – we must protect and nurture our extremely valuable natural resources. His book now makes me sleep a little better at night, pondering that maybe we are not doomed and that our planet is powerful enough to regulate temperature and not throw too much extreme weather at us greedy humans.

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