Swine Flu – You Must Be Joking

I cannot help myself commenting on the ridiculous hysteria surrounding the so-called Swine flu which many weeks ago was proven to have no connection with pigs at all.

Please can someone tell me why flights are cancelled, cruise ship quarantined, kids prevented from going to school, sporting teams abandoning their travel and morons wearing masks around the world when this is just another strain of flu that has only killed 100 people when the non-swine variety of flu kills tens of thousands of people every year??????

Here is what we should really worry about per year –

CO2 emissions – 11,000,000,000 tons
Deforestation – 5,000,000 ha
Heart disease deaths- 7,000,000
Cancer deaths – 3,000,000
Respiratory diseases – 1,500,000
Aids – 1,300,000
Traffic accidents – 500,000
Falls 169,000
Leprosy – 2,500
And…Swine Flu – 100

Imagine a world where we were too scared to get out of bed because we were afraid of falling over and dying – yet 169,000 die of falls ever year!!

I really cant believe the human race is so paranoid and fearful. Someone save us if a real epidemic hits the planet.

Source: http://www.poodwaddle.com/clocks2.htm

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