Online PR Sites for Australian Businesses

I have been working with Aimee, our very sharp Bond University intern to determine the best way for us to utilise online public relations. There are lots of news sites, PR sites and sites which distribute news with various degrees of efficiency and price.

Here are Aimee’s findings so far:

Wotnews lets users determine what kinds of news they like, and build a profile according to this so that they receive an email daily featuring the news articles corresponding to the topics they nominated. So, if you submit news to Wotnews they circulate it to all of their users who nominated the particular topic it fits with. As far as I know, they don’t go to editors, they are just circulated online, hence, it is a free service. BUT, one problem I found when I set up a profile for myself is that when you get your email, it contains HEAPS of articles, more than I would read daily. But it’s a free service, so I guess it couldn’t hurt to email them some stuff. Also, as mentioned when they replied to your blog, you can add them to the mailing list for the newsletter and it then circulates also.

As far as paying for press release circulation, I think sound the best. They really only circulate it online, but it sounds like they do a pretty good job of it. Newsmaker do a similar thing, but it isn’t distributed as far so it’s free. And for $69 they’ll send it out to journalists and editors etc.

If you know of any great PR or news sites to promote interesting company activities, please let me know.

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