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The Meaning Of Life – its FREE

Please STOP and take a moment to read what I hope is my most profound blog entry ever.

It will only take a minute but could really change the way you look at life and success.

It came to me very early this morning at 430am with the birds chirping and the sun well into the sky. Our Government thinks it is funny not to introduce day light savings.

I always thought that The Meaning Of Life was…there is NO meaning of life – we live, we die and we need to make the most of every precious minute we have.

The team at GreenBizCheck is constantly thinking of new ways to better support our franchise owners and team members and help them grow their business quickly. Every day we send tips, articles, ideas and potential new business opportunities. We communicate regularly, we regularly offer feedback and encouragement. We do everything possible to assist.

The critical success factor in our business is meeting people and presenting our world-leading online environmental certification tool. The system is high-impact, low cost and guaranteed to help companies to save money and rapidly establish meaningful environmental credentials.

Once we are in front of business business decision makers, the product sells itself and the conversion of presentations to clients is only a matter of time.

Back to The Meaning of Life.

You will agree that knowledge is power. However, without applying that knowledge, the knowledge is useless.

So I go to the world’s largest source of knowledge and type in “How to get meetings with decision makers” I am talking about Google Of course.

Google indexes billions of web pages and is by far the largest library in the world, hosted on 450,000 servers. Hopefully they are eco-friendly servers.

Every possible great idea on how to professionally obtain meetings appears in the Google search results.

I was amazed. If ever our team members are stuck and need to generate more clients – just go to Google and type in the problem – its all there. How to get meetings, close sales, organise presentations, build relationships – nearly every possible idea has been posted on the internet.

Just try it – how to save thousands of dollars by making your own tooth whitening paste for only a few dollars or, how to make your own organic insect repellent, how to find hubcaps for your 1985 $2000 BMW…It will change your life. Google could have the answer to The Meaning Of Life if you follow my logic that all the answers for a happy, fulfilled and successful life are readily available on the internet – for FREE.

One of my all time favourite expressions came from an old mate who owned an advertising agency in Sydney –

We Know What To Do, But We Must DO What We Know.

Google will give you any answer you need to achieve happiness and success.

Only YOU can DO something with that knowledge.

Hope this helps you – please humour me with at least one line of feedback or comment.

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Finally an airline realising that environmentally friendly is good for the bottom line

Normally I take the time to write my own stories on this blog. However, today I am up early for a flight and saw this article from one of my favorite websites – it is free to subscribe and provides excellent articles on what is happening in the corporate environmental world. If you stay up to date with real (not just sensationalized) environmental stories, you will start ignoring the hype and skepticism.

Congratulations to Singapore airlines for making an effort to set an example on fuel savings and emissions.

Singapore Airlines paints its jetliners blue and gold, but the carrier went green on a flight between Los Angeles and Singapore.

The airline said a Boeing 747-400 completed one of the more environmentally friendly flights over the Pacific on Tuesday, saving more than 11 tons of fuel and reducing carbon emissions by more than 37 tons.

Flight SQ11 departed Los Angeles International Airport on Jan. 31 and stopped in Tokyo before arriving in Singapore’s Changi Airport early Tuesday. The aircraft used about 6% less fuel than normally required for a similar flight.

The flight was part of the Asia and Pacific Initiative to Reduce Emissions, or ASPIRE. The initiative is a partnership among carriers in the region to cut greenhouse gases and become more environmentally friendly, the airline said. SQ11 was ASPIRE’s fifth green flight.

To be more fuel-efficient, the aircraft underwent a number of maintenance measures, such as a detailed engine wash and airframe polish, before the flight. The airline also worked with aviation authorities in the U.S., Japan and Singapore to ensure optimal air traffic conditions.

“The route an aircraft takes, the altitude at which it flies and the weather it encounters all affect the amount of fuel it burns and the carbon dioxide emitted,” said Gerard Yeap, Singapore Airlines’ senior vice president of flight operations. “Managing this effectively and in real time is therefore very important for the operating carrier and the environment.”

When the final numbers came in, about 23,500 pounds of fuel were saved and more than 74,000 pounds of carbon emissions were eliminated, the airliner said. The flight was speedy too, because it came in about 30 minutes earlier than expected.

The passengers on the flight hardly noticed. In fact, most didn’t even know they were part of a test.

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Taking A Break

Just in case you are following my blog I have been taking a break. It has been nearly twelve months since I took a week off and did nothing. Right now, the anxiety of not completing many important tasks is almost outweighing the physical and mental need to have rest and do nothing! My compromise is to do simple and creative projects that are fun – such as creating a new logo for our software development company, setting up new bank accounts and reviewing legal documents. Now that I think about it, these are not very relaxing tasks. Time to spend time with my family and get off the computer for one week. You too – stop reading this and go do something fulfilling.
Happy New Year.

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Decision Makers Are Just Too Busy

Busy PersonThis week I desperately needed an electrician and a carpet cleaner. I can hear you yawn already, but hear me out.

I did not care how much they cost and had no concern if they did a good job – I just needed them right away. The problem was I could not find time in my day to search and call even one of these tradespeople even though it was urgent.

So here is my point – if extremely busy decision makers don’t have the time to conduct even the most urgent priorities in their everyday lives, how can they possibly have time to assess, question and commit to purchasing the world’s most beneficial products companies are trying to sell them?

The sales process is even harder than we think because we know we have a great product, with strong benefits at a great price, yet it is often painfully slow to generate consistent revenues. I believe the reason for slow sales is not about benefits or price, it is about decision makers literally having the time to say “yes sign me up.”

The solution – for the best results in professional selling, my view is that we must regularly get in front of decision makers, build a strong relationship, conduct a compelling presentation and obtain commitment on the spot. If we don’t close the sale right away – even the best product or service gets quickly lost in the crazy mayhem of everyday life.

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By 2020 Demand For Natural Resources Will Outstrip Supply

rainforest2By 2020, demand for natural resources will outstrip supply, resulting in higher and more volatile pricing in the consumer industry, according to a new research report. The report indicates that these pressures could significantly impact the profitability of consumer industry companies, and makes several recommendations for a sustainable industry.

The report, Sustainability for Tomorrow’s Consumer, published by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, suggests that unless businesses can rapidly redesign their value chains to reduce resource use and decouple economic growth from environmental degradation, their ability to help economies grow, provide consistent shareholder returns and meet the needs of consumers will be threatened.

The report highlights the potential impact that rising prices of resources could have on businesses in the consumer industry. As an example, one company with revenues of $80 billion has 40 percent of its revenue tied up in covering the cost of resource-based inputs and a profit margin of around 10 percent. A ten percent increase in its resource-based inputs cost will result in an 80 percent decline in profits, assuming the company will not be able to transfer the cost increase to the consumer, according to the report.

This is a very sobering prediction which builds a strong case for the corporate sector to take action right now and stop talking about it!

Source: 21 Sep 2009

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Passion in Presentations

Today I delivered our corporate presentation Green Business Is Good Business to 200 QUT professional staff at the Hyatt Sanctuary Cove. Sorry the video is not very attractive, but I will do better next time!

The feedback was that our passion for the topic really made us stand out. It made me think that passion and enthusiasm could actually be more important than content. Moreover, you could have the best content, but delivered without pep, wont have the same impact!

One of our Melbourne Associates Cliff Patrick commented that it is all about the singer, not the song.

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The Best Sales People Born or Bred?

Sales PersonA recent LinkedIn discussion prompted me to comment: You will probably agree that sales people are the hardest of all to recruit because their CV’s always look good, they speak well and their references are always glowing.

Only when I have hired, then trained them and sit next to them in meetings, do I really know what they are capable of. I need to really understand what will motivate someone to perform, especially in a tough market. The adage, Can Do, Will Do, Will Fit is critical and the recruitment process needs to cover all three areas. Psych testing helps the decision making process, as does behavioral interviewing – but nothing beats seeing them in action!

Another tactic that has helped my hiring success rate is to have current team members interview prospective staff without seeing a CV with any pre-conceived early judgments. In addition, I insist on gaining permission to speak with their immediate superiors at their past three jobs and have them physically demonstrate some of their professional business development skills. Rarely has a competitor’s former sales person worked out, because it is the same person, selling the same product for a different company.

Finally, for what my 2 cents is worth…some of my best hires have been people with great passion and attitude and not necessarily a track record in the industry they are now applying to join. My view is that the best salespeople are bred with the right attitude not simply born with a gift. I am keen to hear your views on this topic, so please comment!!!

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Who’s Complaining?

purple band

Just in from the USA: The 21 Day no-complaint challenge.

How long can you go without complaining? Recently, the pastor of a Kansas City church told people in his congregation he wanted them to test their limits. “The one thing we can agree on,” said Rev. Will Bowen, “is there’s too much complaining.” His challenge is for us to give up complaining, criticizing, gossiping or using sarcasm for 21 days. People who joined in were issued purple bracelets as a reminder of their pledge. If they caught themselves complaining, they were supposed to take off the bracelet, switch it to the opposite wrist and start counting the days from scratch. Rev. Bowen said it took him three and a half months to put together 21 complaint-free days. Now, about a half a million people around the world have requested free wristbands to rise to the challenge.

My fingers tremble as I attempt to comment on how badly I would cope with the 21 day challenge. No problem if you live on a farm in Kansas. Talking about my business travel experiences last night alone would doom me to wear the purple band of shame for at least three years. Why would I possible want to complain that the woman next to me on the plane was clearly suffering from Swine Flu, or that only kebab shops were still open by the time I landed in Wellington, NZ last night, or that it was one degree and I only had a business suit to wear, or the hotel was supposed to be 4 star and was really 1 star at best, or the hotel room smelled like a men’s locker room that hadn’t been cleaned for three years, or the bar fridge revved all night like a 747 at take-off, or the heating did not work and I had to huddle under a blanket last used on a sweating horse, or the traffic noise outside that made me think at any moment a truck would drive right into my lumpy, smelly, sloping bed that even a homeless person would reject.

I feel much better now. Imagine if I hadn’t vented all that frustration and held it inside me for the sake of a purple rubber band. Something would have snapped and it wouldn’t be the rubber band. Sorry Rev. Bowen, but unless your congregation live in a Kansas bubble you may be doing their mental health a significant disservice.

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Blog For Your Health

mental healthBlogging is good for your health – your mental health that is. Many of you keep your body in shape with vigorous workouts, running or playing sport. Some of us take the dog for a fast walk every morning and hope that is enough. But what do we do for our mental health? Absolutely nothing. We rush to the doctor when our body plays up, but what about if our minds play up. I just read that by far, depression was the number one health issue for business owners. I can certainly understand why. We work so hard and constantly face pressures and demands from clients, suppliers, staff and financiers. In addition we need to give our families the attention they deserve and somehow fit in some rest and recovery time which is often impossible. In addition, we constantly strive to meet our own unrelenting high standards which push us to work long hours with little or no social or mental rest time. Often it all seems over-whelming and it is only the goal at the end that keeps us going.

One of the best forms of mental exercise is cognitive writing – which just means writing things down to get them out of your head and clear some much needed space. This is why blogging is so good. Get all your frustrations out, tell the world what you think and feel so much lighter knowing that you are not dwelling on major issues that can magically dissapear in a similar way to therapy with a psychologist. In simple terms, just talking about a problem makes it seem less burdonsom.

Blogging also works as it puts you in touch with the global community – connectivity is very important to human survival, especially for those who are working so hard and have little time for social interaction. A welcome call from my good school friend Rory, prompted me to write about this. He miraculously found my well hidden blog and called me up for a good laugh. We humorously recounted all the things that were wrong with the world – builders taking twice as long and charging twice as much for renovations, airline service, call centers in India, people who smoke and talk on their phones while driving and many more… Rory – you must get a blog, it is free and good for your health. I hadn’t had such a good laugh for weeks. It made my day as I am so consumed by globalizing GreenBIzCheck that I had forgotten to laugh. In the early days of civilization, tribes would hunt together, eat together and sit around the fire conversing for hours on end. Their only real stress was where the next meal was coming from. We have so many more demands in our complex, highly evolved lives that mental fitness is more important than ever.

So, what are you waiting for, get blogging now and leave your ideas as a permanent and helpful legacy to the fast moving world around you.

Go to or to get a free blog and tell me your best lessons in life!

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Thanks LinkedIn Members

Recently I asked fellow group members for advice on quality on-line PR sites. Total strangers we very helpful and several operate in complimentary businesses.  Let me share the PR websites recommended so other LinkedIn members can benefit: and

Thomas Su also gives great advice:

Regarding PR sites, I have tried WOTNEWS and GET2PRESS recently – the problems are – they are basically systems that sent e-mails directly to editors who receive thousands of e-mails, unless it is very interesting, they will not even read them.

Which is why I have changed my technique, I don’t need to send them to editors, but rather – create traffic for my own. I also have my Blog, so you can send out press releases and link back to either your company website or Blog. With Blog, you can also upload your Blog with LinkedIn and then link press releases.

Regular News articles on LinkedIn Groups are also useful – we have been doing this persistently since mid April – and our traffic for has gone up a lot.

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