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Why GreenBizCheck Franchised Its Green Business Certification Company

After experimenting with many distribution models to cement our first-to-market status and ensure we took on top quality people, we discovered franchising. Although the documentation is onerous and legal fees for the franchisor mind-blowing, franchising offers a distribution system which gives people the opportunity to run their own salable business. Franchising also provides a clear legal agreement so that each party knows where they stand and what is expected of them. Several research studies have shown the proven success of a franchise system over independently owned new business. To protect our market share -although barriers to entry are high with software delelopment costing in the hundreds of thousands of dollars – we need more people to get in front of business decision makers to show them how effective and simple it is to certify their office or retail outlet. Our success formula is simple – a short, professional presentation to ten business decision makers each week will yield substantial results financially and environmentally. Please see our franchise section (More Details on Owning A Green Business Certification Franchise).

Most of us dream of being our own boss, spending more time with the family and taking time off when we want, not when some low paying corporation allows us to. A GreenBizCheck franchise offers all this at a relatively low cost and fast return on investment, plus the opportunity to work in a field which is actually doing something very good – helping businesses go green in a very practical and cost efficient manner. GreenBizCheck certification is the first of its kind, low cost, high impact and comes with a full money back guarantee that companies will save the cost of certification in the first year. There is no risk and no excuse now for companies not to take action and implement the basics – reduce energy, water and waste and stand out as an environmentally responsible corporate citizen.

Now that we are though the hard stages of setting up a franchise model, we continue to appoint, train and support passionate franchise business owners who are energetic and keen to show businesses how beneficial it is to certify their business. No environmental experience is required, just enthusiasm and drive. More details at (GreenBizCheck)

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