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Occasionally I have some time on weekends to read online, and stumbled across on Ben Groundwater’s excellent travel blog in the Sydney Morning Herald. Ben is a Y generation backpacker who writes really well. His recent blog was about choosing your next travel destination and how it is more exciting to try new destinations rather than places you have already been, although they are proven and you had a great time. So, go to and simply enter in the countries you have visited and the site gives you an excellent map of the ones you have already visited and the countries you still need to conquer. I could not believe how little of this planet I had covered in all my years of traveling. Look at the huge blank spaces in Canada, Eastern Europe, Asia an Africa!

To me, travel is the ultimate educational pastime. There is so much out there to see and experience, I just hope I can do it all in time!

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Decision Makers Are Just Too Busy

Busy PersonThis week I desperately needed an electrician and a carpet cleaner. I can hear you yawn already, but hear me out.

I did not care how much they cost and had no concern if they did a good job – I just needed them right away. The problem was I could not find time in my day to search and call even one of these tradespeople even though it was urgent.

So here is my point – if extremely busy decision makers don’t have the time to conduct even the most urgent priorities in their everyday lives, how can they possibly have time to assess, question and commit to purchasing the world’s most beneficial products companies are trying to sell them?

The sales process is even harder than we think because we know we have a great product, with strong benefits at a great price, yet it is often painfully slow to generate consistent revenues. I believe the reason for slow sales is not about benefits or price, it is about decision makers literally having the time to say “yes sign me up.”

The solution – for the best results in professional selling, my view is that we must regularly get in front of decision makers, build a strong relationship, conduct a compelling presentation and obtain commitment on the spot. If we don’t close the sale right away – even the best product or service gets quickly lost in the crazy mayhem of everyday life.

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